🎓 Responsabilidad Social Corporativa



Since its founding, the aspiration of Abat Oliba CEU University and the determination of those who belong to it is to create a university community in all its sense: a community of knowledge capable of providing society with professionals with criteria of academic mastery involved in the greater good and in truth-seeking.

Nowadays, universities have a huge influence in social progress and in a better training of citizens and future leaders so that they are concerned and understand social reality. This subject makes Abat Oliba CEU University very aware of corporate social responsibility activities while developing its strategic framework as a transverse element that involves all university areas.


When dealing with corporate social responsibility, conciliating professional and personal life appears to be one of the fields more likely to produce qualitative changes. Abat Oliba CEU University was able to renew for the second time the FRC Certificate (Family Responsible Company) given by Másfamilia Foundation, aiming to preserve families well-being in terms of flexibility, labour quality and support to the family of all its employees.

FRC is an international movement that, together with Corporate Social Responsibility, tries to provide answers and advance towards responsibility, respect to conciliation of personal, professional and family life, and the inclusion of the most disadvantaged, responding to a new social, labour and business culture.


At Abat Oliba CEU University, we have developed an Equality Plan that has led us to understand that equality of opportunities is a value that implies that men and women must have the same rights to choose or to be promoted to a specific job, regardless of their gender and without any kind of explicit or implicit discrimination. However, in any case should equality be confused with the concept of parity or fees because of gender reasons.

Brief overview:
Since the 25th of November 2008, when it was approved by the Governing Board, the Commission for Equality designed an Equality plan for Abat Oliba CEU University that was eventually published in March 2010.
Ever since, the Commission has stayed engaged to update and renew the Plan for Equality in Opportunities among women and men at Abat Oliba CEU University, aiming to preserve the welfare and human capital that it entails.