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We offer the chance to collaborate with social and solidary entities

Every year the University’s Department of Education and Humanities offers students the possibility of carrying out social volunteering activities, in collaboration with organisations dedicated to helping those who suffer some form of social exclusion.

The social practicum makes strides ahead of the new European Higher Education Area, which will enable students to obtain recognition in credits for participating in solidarity and cooperation activities at university.

More information: cparra@uao.es

Organisations where in which you can collaborate
The Get your dreams Foundation is a non-profit organisation aimed at making the dreams of the most emotionally vulnerable people come true. We aim to bring moments of joy and hope, motivating them to adopt a positive attitude towards life.
The Ared Foundation works to fully integrate people at risk of social exclusion, promoting autonomy through training and comprehensive support processes. We work mostly with women from prisons and social services. We work in coordination with other organisations in order to make institutions and society as a whole aware of the reality of social exclusion.
Fundació Escó is a non-profit social organisation that for over 30 years has offered services to support families with children and young people in a situation of vulnerability in the Raval district of Barcelona.
Niños sin Barreras is a non-profit organisation that works for and with children with one or both parents in prison. Our work consists mainly of accompanying some of these children to prisons so that they can visit their parents and help strengthen the parent-child bond. This helps prevent children from feeling abandoned, and supports them in developing their identity.
Casal dels Infants is an association of volunteers, a collective project that aims to inspire complicity and involve the public. The commitment and involvement of the public makes it possible for us to meet the social needs of children and young people in the neighbourhoods where most situations of social exclusion are to be found.
ASTE BCN is an association that works to improve the quality of life of older people by carrying out volunteer programmes with university students. The aim is to raise awareness and promote social action, to ensure that no one is forgotten. The organisation looks for volunteers to participate in some of the activities that it organises in residences for the elderly. Actions can include a weekly visit to an elderly person who lives in a centre, or collaboration in campaigns throughout the year, such as the events held for Christmas and Sant Jordi.
Non-profit organisation whose objective is to develop and disseminate the social profile of the company.

El Buen Hacer Social works as a partner, helping companies to design and implement tailored strategies to advance their social profile.

We design CSR programmes that are highly adapted to the characteristics, motivation, philosophy and activity of each organisation.
Non-profit organisation that works with people with cerebral palsy.

Our main objective is to help those affected integrate in society and the world of work. No Somos Invisibles runs activities to help users make a positive contribution to society.

The main activities are: talks in Schools on Human Values, training in companies (Subsidised), interviews to show the human side to prominent people in society, inclusive painting workshops with murals, paintings and postcards. “Writing values”, a workshop where we write about Humane Values.
JOVINS (Joves amb la infància), is an educational project in which young committed volunteers support children between 8 and 17 years of age at risk of social exclusion through school reinforcement activities. The project name means “Young people with children”, and this refers to how the volunteers connect with children and teens as teachers. They use their skills and values to encourage study and a civic attitude. This helps everyone involved, including the volunteers, to develop as a person and grow.

JOVINS is a project run by Juventud Idente. The activities are held in the Parish of Sant Isidor, C/Comte d'Urgell 178.
Montserrat Lafuente
CEDREis an association by young people and for young people that was officially declared of public utility by the Catalan Government. Since the summer of 2000, we have been working to help social causes, especially those affecting at-risk young people, either because they have been in prison or because they are homeless and without family. Cedre ffosters the social inclusion of these young people through a Prison Volunteer Group and La Caseta, a residence located in the Sarrià neighbourhood of Barcelona. We invite you to come and see everythign that's going on at CEDRE.
Acción contra el Hambre. An International Humanitarian Organisation that has been working in more than 50 countries for 40 years. Our main mission is to fight against hunger and malnutrition, with a focus on food security and water and sanitation. Want to volunteer? Take part in the “Race against Hunger” campaign, an educational sporting project in which schools from all over the world take part, and which aims to raise awareness among children of the problem of malnutrition globally. They are looking for motivated university students to accompany them on trips to schools (in Barcelona and its surroundings) prior to events to help promote them. It offers a very fun way to learn, have a good time and also make students aware that they have a crucial role to play in the fight against hunger. .
Santiago Fernandez
AIS, Ayuda a la Infancia Sin Recursos is a non-profit association established more than 10 years ago whose mission is to help and support people with multiple disabilities and their families. We support them by offering leisure and family respite programmes during the weekends and thus improve their quality of life by ensuring they receive care, support and social inclusion. We promote social integration thanks to volunteers of all ages and profiles who spend some of their free time in residences, on weekend outings or taking part in arts and crafts workshops. More information.
AIS Ayuda
Voluntarios Independientes Organizados. Association sensitive to the problems of displaced persons, operating in Greece and Spain with ongoing projects and actions aimed at mitigating the consequences of the humanitarian crisis. Main projects: Greenbags: this consists of offering residents fresh fruit and vegetables on a weekly basis to supplement their diet. Library Project: creation of a space to promote the exchange of knowledge between residents. Letters Project: a penpal project to raise awareness in schools and create links between the children of the families we serve and the schools in our cities. More information.
Voluntarios Independientes Organizados
Christmas activities

The volunteer service offers students the chance to take part in projects to help others on these special dates.

  • Be an elderly person's secret Santa

    ASTE BCN is a non-profit association that works closely with the elderly and aims to create synergies between this collective and young university students. At Christmas, they run this campaign where each resident of the center has a secret Santa throughout December, sending one another two letters and, a few days before Christmas, receiving a visit from their friend along with a little gift.
    The residence gives ASTE a list of its residents with their first and last name. The lists will be made available to students in room 2.15, Student Services. Each student can choose a name. At the beginning of the month they write two letters that ASTE distributes over the following 15 days. The association also finds small gifts for all the elderly participants. The UAO CEU group brings their gifts on the morning of Friday 22 or Saturday 23 December to the residence of Les Germanetes dels Pobres in Plaça Tetuan.

  • Christmas cards

    Made by the Association “No somos invisibles”, formed by people with cerebral palsy who paint using their mouths.


  • Christmas decorations

    From 11 to 15 December, Asociación Alpi, which is responsible for the personal and social promotion and integration of people with intellectual disabilities, offers us Christmas decorations that can be purchased by the entire university community to hang on the Christmas tree that will be installed in the hall of the University.

  • Traditional Christmas market

    Held on 14 and 15 December, in which we will host social entities such as: AIS: Ayuda a la Infancia Sin Recursos; Cromo SUMA: foundation to integrate children with Down's Syndrome; Trenks and Book: association for aid in Nepal; Charity Sale of Neules of the ARED foundation (Women at risk of social exclusion) and the Benin Project.

  • Africa Solidaria

    Collection of sports materials to send to schools and sports fields built by the Foundation in Senegal.

  • 1 euro for a litre of milk Campaign

    To send the children of the La Pouponnière orphanage of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Mary in Senegal.




international volunteering

The volunteer service offers students the chance to participate in projects that are carried out in other countries.

More information: cparra@uao.es

Latin America

Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos is a non-profit organisation, founded by Father Wasson in 1954, which takes in homeless children in 9 countries in Latin America, offering them a place to live and grow up with dignity. Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos has offered a second chance to more than 18,300 children who have passed through our homes over 60 years of dedication to the most needy children.

Volunteer offers

  • Long-term volunteering. 13 months starting in January or July. The next call is for January 2017 and July 2017.

Contact: info.es@nph.org

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We propose working with the NGO Street children, directed by Ram Hari. They are children who survived after begging on the streets, some addicted to glue sniffing. The project was organised about 3 years ago and is very familiar.

Volunteers can work mainly at the host family's home and at the school they may also need help in arranging and improving the facilities. Workshops or extra-curricular activities such as painting, music, sports, etc. can be organised.

Contact: Neus Arbós neusenar@gmail.com


Sundarijal Children

Open Eyes is an organisation that organises trips to India including an international cooperation course for two weeks. They organise several trips a year in which they intersperse theory and practical training.

Contact: Anna Alaman. Director. Tel. + 34 667 72 18 48. skype:annaalaman

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Alegría sin fronteras was born as the dream of the Catalan pediatrician, Iñaki Alegría, to remedy the illnesses of children in Ethiopia who suffer from child malnutrition. A volunteer trip before he finished his medical degree made him realise that he had found his place: in the Horn of Africa, alongside people most in need, people who, at the same time, have an enduring desire to carry on, despite the obstacles and disease.

So Alegría decided to go and live there indefinitely with his wife, in order to coordinate a hospital and home for lepers in the region of Gambo, where, alongside local health workers, they fight every day to overcome diseases and overcome the stigmas that condemn the sick.

Contact: alegria.sin.fronteras@gmail.com

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Alegría sin fronteras

Frontier is an international volunteer-based NGO that runs over 400 conservation and community development projects in 60 countries around the world. Established in 1989, Frontier has over 25 years’ experience sending volunteers overseas. We encourage adventure travel with volunteers to inspire a unique, meaningful experience. Volunteers are able to acquire skills and improve their personal development to enhance their curriculum.

Contact: (+44) 2076132422

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The Chair of Solidarity Economy organises, together with the NGOs Ymanay and Ñari Wualac , stays in the Region of Piura offering programmes of education in values. Stays are preferably in the summer.


Talara Peru
  • Your help is essential for the Talibés Foundation. We want to be able to give everyone in TALIBE in Senegal a dignified life, working for a more hopeful future. To do this, we need your help and your commitment to the weakest and most vulnerable. Everyone’s collaboration is essential for us to carry out our work. You can collaborate yourself, by becoming a Member of the Talibés Foundation and organising activities to help spread our goal of promoting the rights of TALIBÉS children in Senegal.

    Contact: + 34 607 870 067

    More information and poster.
  • The Guné Foundation is an NGO committed to the sustainable development of the Kolda region for over 10 years. This area is located in the south of Senegal and, despite having great agricultural and livestock potential, it is one of the poorest and most vulnerable regions of the country. They support projects that promote sustainable development, making the beneficiaries autonomous again and not dependent on external aid.

    Mònica Solé de la Llera - projectes@fundaciogune.org